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Video Introduction to Floating at Get Tanked Float Center


Floating is a way to pause the hectic world around you, and enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. 

By giving yourself a break you can be free from the endless input of sensory experiences. 

Your mind then has a chance to rest, recharge, and emerge to face the world with renewed perspective and energy. 

The tank itself is filled with highly saturated Epsom salt water that makes the physical body completely buoyant. 

Floating sessions usually last 60 minutes, but could last longer if more consecutive time slots are booked. 

The sessions are conducted in body-temperature water. 

In your tank there is no light or sound (if desired) which creates a warm, serene, and relaxing environment for the mind and body

The Benefits

  • Mental clarity and increased focus

  • Increased energy

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Noticeable decrease in anxiety, stress, and tension

  • Enhanced creativity and imagination

  • Facilitation of recovery from an injury 

  • Alleviation of aches, pains, and inflammation 

  • Pregnancy pain relief


  • Floating helps with chronic joint and muscle pain. 

  • It also removes all of the weight and pressure that causes built up tension in the back that creates a sore back and muscles. 

  • If you suffer from chronic pain anywhere in your body it is well known that it can take over your life, and daily activities that were once considered easy become the opposite. 

  • Floating has been proven to reduce or relieve stress-related tension and pain as much as 48%

  • Athletes also use floating as a means to accelerate injury repair. 

  • Floating has also shown promise for the relief of fibromyalgia, and lupus. 

  • It has already proven to be very effective in the relief of PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleep impediments, and much more.