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Three Years in...

After three years of learning and growing and finding what works for us, we realize what is most important for us and our business is helping our customers heal. We are not a fancy spa or a particularly spiritual place. We are the kind of place where you can relax, feel like your welcome, that you are among people who really want to provide you with relief, relaxation and in some small way, help you heal. Whether it's emotional trauma, physical issues, learning to live with limitations, however we can help, we will do our best.

Our staff is our family. We each bring to the business our own varied experiences. We are all very casual, laid back people walking through our own journey. 

Our Story

In 2019 my son Steven was in Afghanistan.  Like many returning from a war zone, he came home with PTSD.  Steven couldn't relax and was distant. He was having night terrors and insomnia. He was trying to cope on his own, as many do. We offered to find a counselor, anything to help him. It was Steven who found a float center. In just over a month, he had logged over 15 hours in a tank. We all saw the changes it made in him. When he explained what he had been doing, my husband went with Steven to try floating. He was hooked.  

We know so many soldiers that have served in war zones. We knew we could bring this service to Hinesville and help these men and women find a tool to help them with their struggles, physically and mentally.  We look forward to serving you as you have served for us. 

Bobbie and Frank

Steven in Afganistan.jpg

Steven's Story

From December 2018 to July 2019 I was deployed in Afghanistan. As a Combat Engineer acting as attached infantry to a SF group, I served by running missions along Special Forces and acting QRF the entire time in country. Most of my deployment was spent in close proximity to loud heavy artillery everyday during fighting season. While leaving country when we got to Kuwait, I finally got to my room, sat down to relax, and had my first ever anxiety attack. As someone who has never had any mental instability or anxiety, I was very scared and unsure of what was going on. It didn't take me long to realize things weren't going to return to "normal". Over the next several months, I used many different coping mechanisms. Everything I tried only seemed to relieve some of the discomforting side effects I was having. I was in a situation that triggered a PTSD attack in January of 2020. During this event I completely blacked out and lost my composure. After this happened I wanted a long term healthy solution that I could live with. I had a friend recommend float tanks. I was willing to try anything to stop my life from being controlled by fear and discomfort. I was hardly leaving the house anymore, which was causing numerous other issues in my life. I kept feeling as if a truckload of bricks was constantly being dumped on me, causing worse anxiety than before. I tried my first float tank in February of 2020, and it was an experience like no other. After fifteen minutes in a tank, I was able to reach a state of relaxation and gain a clear mind. Once I was able to let go, floating began to heal me. I continued to float multiple hour long sessions until March. The float tank was able to put me in a state of deep relaxation that reset me in a way I could never understand. I felt a sense of normality for days after I would float. When corona struck, the float centers were shut down. By this time, we were already considering opening our own float center. Opening Get Tanked will allow me to get in the float tank often, but also allow me to reach the people who have never experienced a float tank, stubborn Joe's who "Don't need a float tank". My aim is focused on soldiers who need an escape or a place to regather their thoughts with a clear mind. If you are considering floating, I recommend you try two or three floats with an open mind. Floating may be the solution you may or may not have been looking for.

Sergeant Steven Dickson

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