The Rules; 

No bodily fluids in the tanks – no spitting, no mucus, please help us keep it all clean.  We will charge you $1200.00 if you defecate in the tank.  (It’s $1400 of epsom salt if we have to drain a tank, and more than a day of cancelled appointments to dissolve and warm up new solution.)

We will not allow intoxicated, high, or altered clients to float.

A.D.A Compliance;

Get Tanked Float Center is  wheelchair-accessible, including our float room, which is ADA Compliant. If you have the upper body strength to lift yourself out of your chair and into bed, for example, you will likely be able to lift yourself out of your chair and into (a) a chair in the shower, and (b) over the float tank door threshold, which is 12 inches off the floor and approximately three feet wide.

If you do not have good upper body mobility/strength, you are, of course, more than welcome to have helpers come in with you and help you in and out of the shower and float tank. We have a comfortable lounge area for assistants to hang out in while you float. This would likely be best with two helpers, one who steps into the float tank with you (there’s lots of room), holding your upper body, and a second person helping guide your legs through the door. Unfortunately our staff are not allowed to assist in this process.

Another area worth mentioning is that in order to use our float tanks, you must have full control over bodily function. Unfortunately, those with unpredictable intestinal or urinary function should not float, as this poses a risk to the quality of the water, and therefore safety of others.

Rules and Compliance


We provide soap, shampoo, towels, and a blow dryer. We also provide ear putty to protect your ears from the large amount of Epsom salt in the float room.

If you wear contacts, it’s good to bring a case, your solution, and your glasses.  You will shower in the room before you float and after getting out of the tank, so if you have special toiletries you want, you should bring those, too.  If you have long hair, you might want to bring a brush. 

Do I need a bathing suit?

Your float room is totally private.  But if you’re more comfortable wearing one, that’s okay of course.

Anything else I should know before coming in?
  • You may not want to drink coffee for several hours beforehand as it makes it harder to relax.

  • Don’t shave within 3 hours or wax within 24 hours  before getting in as the saltwater may sting irritated skin.  

  • For fresh tattoos, and more serious cuts or scrapes. If you want to check your skin integrity, apply some hand sanitizer: stinging tells you everything you need to know.

  • Fresh tattoos will sting, but also the design is more susceptible to blowout if you are in still water for any amount of time. Please follow the care instructions your tattoo artist gave to you.

  • If you have recently had your hair dyed, it’s important to make sure the dye has had time to set completely or there is a chance the float water could bleach it. (If it doesn’t come off when you dry with a towel, you’ll be okay in the tank.)

  • Anyone getting keratin treatments to their hair should avoid saltwater, and that includes float tanks.

  • If you have very thick or curly hair, or locs, it may be difficult to rinse all of the salt out of your hair in the 5-10 minutes we give you after your wake-up signal. You might consider timing your floats for days when you visit your hairstylist, so they can help you get a thorough rinse. If it’s okay for your hair, a white vinegar rinse will get rid of any salt residue.

  • Eating a small meal about one hour prior to your float is ideal.  It’s best if you’re not distracted by hunger, or overfull digesting a heavy meal.

  • You may bring your own shower shoes IF they have never been outside.

Is the water clean?

Float tank water is cleaner than most swimming pools or hot tubs.

The main factor keeping the float tank water clean is the high salt concentration itself.  Nothing pathogenic can grow in such salty water.  Then we sanitize by treating with germ-killing UV light between every client, and back that up by maintaining an active dose of hydrogen peroxide in the tank at all times.  Filtering to remove oils and particulates is taken care of by a swimming-pool-sized filter unit.  We filter aggressively between every client, turning the whole contents of the tank over three to four times, to keep our water sparkling.

Do big people fit in the tank?

The tank is about the size of a queen sized bed, unless you’re a giant, you should be fine. 

Will I float? I sink in the ocean.

Our tanks contain over 1500 lbs. of Epsom salt, so the water is denser than the Dead Sea.  Don’t worry, you’ll definitely float. We do provide a float pillow to try if you would like.

Is the water hot?

We keep it as close as we can to skin temperature, 93.5°F.  That allows you to float as long as you like without getting chilled or overheated, and it’s neutral for your skin temperature receptors so you won’t even really feel it’s there.  To ease your transition into the tank we suggest you try showering a little cooler than usual.

Can I float if I’m sick or suffering allergies?

If you’re coughing, sneezing, or your nose is running, floating is not a great idea – it will be almost impossible for you to avoid getting the saltwater in your face and that will sting a lot.  We want you to enjoy your float, and you won’t if your nose is burning.  Also, if you are contagious, it is kindest to others to stay home.  We will be glad to help you reschedule your appointment.

Can I float if I’m menstruating?

Yes.  Just use the same precautions you’d use for a swimming pool or hot tub, e.g. a menstrual cup or tampon. If you use tampons, we recommend a fresh one before you float, and a change after you get out. If you’re caught without your supplies, there are regular Tampax  in the restroom.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Check with your health care provider first.

Many women have no problem with floating through their pregnancy and report that they find powerful relief in a tank, and also a wonderfully enhanced connection with their baby.

What if I’m diabetic?

There is some indication that magnesium (from Epsom salt) can affect your blood glucose, but this is not well studied. It is also possible that soaking in Epsom salt can dry your skin, increasing your risk of cracking. If you are diabetic, please consult your doctor before floating.

Are there any other contraindications?

Generally, contraindications include powerful sedatives, being prone to seizures (e.g. epilepsy), or schizophrenia.  Magnesium from the Epsom salt can have interactions with certain antibiotics and muscle relaxants and may be an issue if you have kidney problems.  People with low blood pressure should take extra care, especially when standing up after floating.  If any of these conditions apply to you, please consult your doctor before getting in a tank.

Can children float?

Children aged nine years and up are allowed to float if a guardian is present in the center and prepared to attend to the child if they come out of their session early.

The most important thing is to make sure that they personally really want to, and that they understand that they are allowed to get out of their float whenever they like.  We do not encourage reluctant kids to float.

We will allow clients aged fourteen years and up to float on their own recognizance.


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